Winn Parish Faring Much Better In Fight Against Obesity Than Rest of State

The global obesity rate among adults has tripled in the last three decades, and it is estimated that over 500 million adults are obese. Since 1980, the rate has increased by about 10% for men and 14% for women. In the past, obesity has been a problem for wealthy adults, but as other countries became more affluent, their diet has changed. Adults overeat on the Western diet, and obesity has become a disease of the world. If this trend continues in the United States, by 2030, over half of adult men and women will be obese.

Adult Obesity in Louisiana

Louisiana is one of the 13 states with an obesity rate for adults over 35% and ranks 9th in the list of states. The report was compiled by a nonprofit called Trust For American Health. The rate has increased over the last few years. Obesity is linked to heart disease, diabetes, and more. In 2012, 31% of adults in Louisiana who were obese did not eat enough fruits and vegetables or exercise regularly.

The rates have increased in adults in Louisiana because the residents are more sedentary, and adults have lower incomes, leading to food insecurity. This means there’s not enough money to buy healthy foods in many households.

Obesity in Winn Parish, a health and wellness resource covering topics like weight loss, meal replacements, and workout programs, recently shared detailed data on the men and women in Winn Parish, Louisiana. Well, at least the women.
Based on the data collected, men in the parish aren’t actively searching for help losing weight, but women are.
The average Winn Parish woman weighs about 178 pounds. She has a body mass index (BMI) of 30.2. That’s 0.2 points over the obese line.

What’s more interesting is that the average woman in the parish needs to lose about 47 pounds to reach a healthy BMI. “That’s 26% lower than the state average of 63 pounds and 21% lower than the country average of 59 pounds,” according to Dietspotlight.

Based on this data, Winn Parish is faring much better in the fight against obesity than the rest of the state. There are programs throughout Louisiana helping men, women, and children break the obesity chains.

Programs For Obesity in Louisiana

Well-Ahead is an organization in Louisiana with an Obesity and Wellness Collaborative that connects consumers to medical, educational, and programs that promote better health and fight obesity. They have obesity resources, education, and a group working on policy changes within the state.

Well-Ahead has a workplace wellness program that provides programs for diet and fitness that can address obesity in working adults.

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