Winn Parish Dixie Youth Opening Day – A Success!

According to the Winn Parish Dixie Youth, Opening Day 2022 was a success. The biggest compliment received was that it was more like it used to be than it’s been in many years. This can be attributed to a full board of hardworking volunteers who have spent countless hours preparing for this season over the past six months. It’s been a continual effort that culminated on Saturday. We have many people to thank for their assistance and participation.

Thank you to all the parents who signed their kids up this year and for dedicating your time to being a ballpark parent. Big shout out to the volunteer coaches some of which don’t even have kids in the program who have donated their time to pour into these kids.

The grounds looked so nice. Thank you to George Moss and the city recreation workers as well. They worked last week getting things up to par for you and your families. Special thanks to our board members, Chase Bostick and Dwayne Kilpatrick, for working the tractor and getting the dirt looking good on the fields. They looked amazing.

Last but not least, we appreciate the team sponsors and businesses that bought banners. Seeing your logos on uniforms and signs hung on the fences reinforces shopping local and supporting our local economy.

Our high school cheerleaders made beautiful signs for us to hang on opening day. We had parents volunteer to umpire a couple of games where we were lacking. This entire day was proof that working together as a community and making improvements is possible.

Seeing all the people at the ballpark and the smiling faces and Winnfield looking alive and having something positive to do made all the hours of preparation worth it.

We are looking forward to a wonderful season. If during the season you have any concerns, please message the Winn Dixie Youth Facebook page. 

Team schedules can be downloaded below.

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