Winn Parish Detention Center Inmate Found Dead in Cell

Mary Morgan Ramirez Picture from Facebook

At approximately 8:00 AM yesterday, the Winn Parish Coroner’s Office responded to a call from the Winn Parish Detention Center regarding a female inmate that was found deceased in her cell, according to Deputy Coroner Matt Miller.  

Mary Morgan Ramirez, 36 years old from Jackson Parish, was booked into the Winn Parish Detention Center on June 15th on charges of Failure to Appear.

The cause of death is unknown at this time. Ramirez’s remains were sent to Little Rock, AR, for autopsy per Louisiana state law. Toxicology and autopsy results are pending and usually take approximately two months to receive, according to Miller. 

A Go Fund Me has been set up to raise funds for funeral and Memorials for Ramirez.

The Winn Parish Journal will follow this story as it develops. 



5 thoughts on “Winn Parish Detention Center Inmate Found Dead in Cell

  1. Mary is a life long best friend of mine people don’t always make the right decision but I do know that parish jails are a joke because of Covid 19 Ive seen more inmates released that should have been held for robberies drunk driving and more serious accusations and yet a failure to appear holds you????? And EXACTLY HOW LONG before yall decided to check on her??? My guess is that she didn’t get up to make her rack on time and a guard went in there yelling and screaming to get her butt up because of these power trips that most of them are on that’s when someone finally realized something was wrong but I guarantee you they stood there yelling and got back up before they ever did anything I hate parish jails they are trash and most of the guards in them are too if you don’t care then you shouldn’t be there and if y’all can’t keep check on your inmate because you think you’re going to catch Covid 19 then you need a new freaking job or OR less serious offenses out!

  2. so not right, fail to go to court omg what some crap and put her in jail for this crap, why dont the law go pick up these nuts and crazy that burning down places and hurting people and killing people, our law needs to be doing something about this crap going on, then picking someone that didnt show for court,why not just go fine her and give her a warring , maybe she didnt have a way. most people are unable to work right now and have such little of money. and if she didnt kill someone , go get the bad people that out there killing and hating

  3. It doesn’t seem promising that we will find out if it’s been 3 months. People don’t focus on anything long enough to see justice served. It’s just short lived shock and outrage then on to the next thing. Where is the dedication for justice. Are we so easily forgotten?

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