Winn Parish Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team Jucao Attends Tournament

Have you ever gone to our local Subway off Hwy 167? Maybe you’ve glanced to the left on your way inside, taking notice of the middle storefront with its sign in bold lettering, ‘Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,’ wondering to yourself, “what exactly is going on in there?!” I know I have! After an inquiring message from one of the school’s very own students and minimal convincing on my part, I assuaged that curiosity once and for all this past Wednesday evening!

Thanks to the easy manner and patience of Coach Christina D’agular, I now have a more in-depth picture of the journey she and Professor Rick ‘Ricky’ Below are working to provide within their four walls. Classes are divided into two age groups, Kids (6-13) and Adults (13 and up), and are available every Wednesday and Friday evening, beginning at 6 pm and ending at 8 pm. On the fence? No worries, Team Jucao offers one week of free instruction for anyone willing to poke their heads through the door and experience something new!

Along with informing our community of the upcoming tournament in which several of Team Jucao’s students will be participating this coming Saturday, November 12th, located at the Bayou Jiu-Jitsu League in Monroe, Louisiana, this reporter will be taking Team Jucao up on their generous offer and trying their week of free instruction out for size. So stay tuned for more detailed coverage of this institution and what it’s offering our little city!

Participants will have the opportunity to compete for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd medals and in Gi and no Gi (Gi is when a contestant is fully clothed, and no Gi is when the contestant is without their official jacket!).

List of participants in Saturday’s tourtament–
-Rylee Duff
-Logan Duff
-Griffin Rackley
-Jonathan ‘Skylar’ Carter
-Brock Sanders

Be sure to offer your support to these talented individuals, and know that the Bayou League’s tournament is open for anyone interested in watching or cheering as the competition unfolds! For more information about Saturday’s events or the Team Jucaos program, please contact Coach Christina at 817-301-3836 or email!