Winn Food Pantry Remains Open with Modifications at First Presbyterian Church

The Winn Food Pantry, operated out of the First Presbyterian Church by volunteers, continues to serve the community every Thursday from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. even during these stressful times, it was confirmed today.

A few changes in the food distribution process were initiated at the March 26 distribution that will ease concerns for both recipients and volunteers about the Governor’s mandates concerning health and safety issues at public gatherings and “social space.”

When the local resident arrives at the Food Pantry during these operating hours on their assigned week:

(1) Remain in your car.
(2) Bring your Food Pantry ID card with you.
(3) A volunteer will come out to your car to get your name and view your ID.
(4) Another volunteer will bring your food allocation to you.
(5) Included is a bag of groceries, 3 pre-selected Lagniappe items plus (new) 3 meat items and 1 dozen eggs.
(6) It’s that simple. You say “Thanks,” drive away and Be Safe.

Suppose you’re not part of the Winn Food Pantry system but would like some help. The Food Pantry wants to help you. It’s simple. First-timers should also remain in their car and tell the volunteer that they wish to sign-up. You will receive your grocery allocation that same day. The volunteer will tell you what information you need to bring with you when you return the following month. Participants in this local Food Pantry program are eligible to come back once a month to receive a new allocation. That first time you come in, you will be assigned which Thursday of each you may return.

Suppose you are already part of the Food Pantry program but, because of all the uncertainties during these health warnings weeks, you think you’ve missed your “turn.” If you missed your assigned week during March, the Food Pantry invites you to come next Thursday, bring your Food Pantry ID card and we’ll fix you up.

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