Winn Correctional Center Number of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Among Detainees Almost Doubles Since Friday

Since the WPJ last published on Monday, the number of detainees at Winn Correctional Center (WCC) that have tested positive for Coronavirus has almost doubled to 62. That puts the number of positive cases at WCC just two less than Richwood Correctional Center (RCC), which has the highest number of positive ICE Detainees in the state. The families of two employees at RCC claim they died after contracting COVID-19 while working at the RCC facility. 

The website also states that there are no U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) employees working at WCC that have tested positive for the virus. It is important to note that most people working at WCC do not work directly for ICE but instead are employed by the Winn Parish Sheriff’s Office (WPSO). Therefore the total number of employees that have tested positive for the virus is unknown as neither ICE nor WPSO has released any statistics for WCC employees.

You can review ICE reported case numbers here:

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