Where there’s smoke….2nd Annual Piney Hills BBQ Cook-off Tomorrow

Since the early dawn of time, mankind has been searching for three things. Shelter from the elements, someone to create a family with and the ultimate seasoning for beef and pork. Throughout history, the spice trade was nothing more than our ancestral bbq pitmasters preparing the world for what we know today as rubs, injections and marinades. Fast forward thousands of years, mankind still craves that euphoria we get when we pass by and smell that delicious meat on the pit, slow smoking to perfection.

Here in the south, it has become a way of life for some. Bringing together friends, families, communities even complete strangers to find they all have something in common. The love of BBQ.

This year in the small Village of Sikes Louisiana, you’ll find just that. The second annual Piney Hills BBQ cookoff competition held on May 14th, 2022. Backyard cooks from anywhere and everywhere are invited to come drag their pits under a shade tree and show what they got. They will compete in the main event by cooking and turning in beef brisket and pork ribs. Entries are blind judged meaning no one will know who cooked the food being judged until the end keeping it fair for everyone. Also this year there will be an optional “Peoples Choice” Boston Butt category added where people attending the event can vote on who’s entry they liked the best. This is a family event so we can’t leave out the kids. We have a category just for them where they cook and prepare two hamburgers and they will be judged. They are our future pitmasters and we want them involved as well. There will be cash prizes, trophies, and plaques given out at the awards ceremony for those who have that magic touch.

Now for the good part. We here at Piney Hills BBQ Cookoff love our veterans, just as all of you red-blooded Americans do. If not for them, we couldn’t have the freedom of coming together like this. All of our profits go to helping our veterans that have protected us. We have partnered this year again with the “Vet Center” of Alexandria. This organization helps so many of our veterans and their families overcome some of the hardships that they have endured while protecting our country.

Look us up on Facebook under Piney Hills BBQ Cookoff. There is an event set up there as well. If you are interested in competing or becoming a sponsor, you can message us there or contact us through the phone numbers listed on the flyer you’ll find there.

Come show your support on May 14th at the Sikes Wolf Creek festival grounds at 225 Front Street, Sikes, LA, 71473. There will be plate lunches sold until sold out. We will have a Veterans Honoring Ceremony for some of our local heroes. There will be vendors selling arts and crafts. The “Borderline” band will entertain you all during mid-day. There will be door prizes and many other things not listed here. Come see us and remember, “Where there’s smoke…..there’s a good time!”

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