Tornado Drill Set for February 16 As Part Of Severe Weather Awareness Week

While the 2021 severe weather season was fairly active across Northern Louisiana, there were fewer severe weather reports than what has been observed in previous years. 16 tornadoes were reported across Northern Louisiana from January through December of 2021 with many of these coinciding with our typical springtime severe weather season. With the 2022 spring severe weather season fast approaching, the National Weather Service, in cooperation with the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, has designated the week of February 13th as Severe Weather Awareness Week. This is a safety campaign designed to help residents in the state of Louisiana prepare for the spring storm season.

The tornado drill that coincides with Spring Severe Weather Awareness Week for Louisiana schools will be held Wednesday, Feb. 16 at 9:15 a.m. The test warning message will be the signal for those participating to let them know that the drill is in progress. If your school is using the Midland WR-100 model, the tone alert will be visual only on the display, not audible during the test.

For Louisiana’s 2022 Severe Weather Awareness Week, the following safety topics will be highlighted:

Monday, Feb. 14: Severe Thunderstorms – Exploring the dangers of large hail & damaging wind gusts. 

Tuesday, Feb. 15: Flash Flooding – Highlighting the danger of flash flooding.

Wednesday, Feb. 16: Tornadoes – Highlighting safety tips to help people identify safe shelters, and develop a family emergency action plan before storms arrive.

Thursday, Feb. 17: Lightning – Highlighting the importance of seeking a grounded, fully enclosed structure with ANY storm that approaches, with a special emphasis on delaying outdoor activities until the threat of lightning ends.

Friday, Feb. 18: Watches, Warnings, and Reception – Providing information on what it means to be under a Severe Thunderstorm or Tornado Watch or Warning, and what actions are recommended when watches and warnings are issued.

Saturday, Feb. 19: Mobile Home Safety – Sharing information on prompting action to keep mobile home residents safe.

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