Anyone seeking increase voter turnout has a new tool at their disposal, thanks to an interactive map released Saturday by Together Louisiana.

The map, called “Is your neighborhood voting?”, illustrates voter turnout data on every precinct in the state. Precincts are color-coded by the percent of its registered voters who already have voted early.

The map is interactive, so when a user clicks on a precinct, the details for the number and percent of people who have voted early appear, in addition to that precinct’s demographics.

The map is meant to be a tool to help communities who wish to target voter turnout efforts in the final days before the November 3rd election.

“We celebrate that early voting overall is at historic highs,” said Kahlida Lloyd, “but when you get down to the precinct level, the story is more mixed.

For every precinct where the early vote is already 70 or 80% of registered voters there are other precincts where it’s more like 5 or 10%.

So we’ve still got some work to do, and we hope this map will help people do it.”

Ms. Lloyd helps lead Together Louisiana’s Precinct Organizing Project, which was started to re-build a non-partisan, neighborhood-level infrastructure for voter turnout at the block and precinct.

“We put this map together to help our block captains target their turnout efforts,” said Ms. Lloyd. “Then we figured, we’ve got it. Why not share it with everybody?”

“Is your neighborhood voting?” is available at

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