The Winnfield Senior High School FFA Excels at Judging Contests Over Summer

Due to COVID-19, the traditional spring judging events were moved to the month of July.

In Conduct of Chapter Meetings, Winnfield Senior High School (WSHS) had a team consisting of Karly Avant, Allison Phelps, Lauren Poole, Micah Simmons, Joy So, Chloe Whisonant, and Annie Heard (Chairman). This team was State Runner-Up with Lauren Poole earning Top Debater.

In Electricity, WSHS had two participants: Dabin So and Parker Carlino. Dabin So finished 4th in Area II and Parker finished 3rd in Area II and 5th in the state competition.

In Meats Evaluation, WSHS had two teams: senior team consisting of Connor Johnston, Emilee Mixon, David Simmons, and Emma Vines; a junior team consisting of Sam Jones, Aaron Johnson, Peyton Little, and John Spikes. The junior team placed 2nd in Area II and 5th in State; the senior team placed 1st in Area II and was State Runner-Up.   

Conduct of Chapter Meeting Team
Meat ID Team
Parker Carlino – Electricity
Dabin So – Electricity

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