The Pastor’s Pen – One Choice

Hi, I’m Shaun Garner, pastor at Winfield first assembly of God

It’s not hard to find negativity in the world we live in, it’s as easy as turning on the news at any given moment, and your mind is flooded with all that’s going wrong in the world. In just one choice we can choose to listen to the negative spills that are around us, whether news, gossip, or self-pity, we can easily go down a trail that makes it impossible to see the light. “One choice!!”

I think it’s high time we make a choice, but one that says I’m done! I’m done with filling my mind and soul with negativity that can only fill my life if I let it and make the choice that says “ today I will focus on what Jesus has done in my life; today I will rise above.” Paul says in Romans 8:37 “we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.”
It takes faith, not a lot, just a mustard seed size grain of faith to look to Jesus and move forward. Moving forward from day today is our faith walk! That choice is the one that lets us focus on his glorious light, and not hold our heads down. Now when we look back, well that’s experience, for then we can see the fingerprints of God. Yes, things are bad all around the world, but God isn’t taken by surprise, and he will sustain you through the tough times. Now hold your head up Child of God, you are loved.

Life is full of choices; whats yours!! It’s never too late to choose Jesus. And remember he loves you very much, and we at Winfield 1st Assembly of God love you.

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