The Michies Speak to Kiwanis

Les and Janine Michie are our newest Kiwanis members and they came here for 2 years from Moses Lake, Washington on mission for the Mormon church. Janine spoke first. She believes that family is the most important unit in society. She was born in Utah and grew up in Southern California. She moved back and went to college at Brigham Young University. Les asked her out after another girl had turned him down for the New Year’s Eve dance and they found out that they really did like each other. They both went to BYU and lived in the same town so they carpooled to school with other friends every day so they really got to know each other. After they were married they wanted to start a family and had a child right away. After Les graduated from BYU they moved to Moses Lake, Washington where Les had a job and eventually had 5 other children. They have 3 boys and 3 girls and Janine was a stay at home mom. They have 19 grandchildren. Janine was involved in church, children and youth activities and scouting. She finds Winnfield very friendly and wants to be part of the community. Janine says they wear name tags to remind them who they are-member, leader, and support ministry.

Les gave out a list of interview questions with answers about his life and background. He did a mission when he was 19 and was sent to France. Then he went to college at BYU. His work in Moses Lake was as a CPA for farmers doing tax planning and tax returns. He sold his business after 24 years and taught business at a local community college. The mission idea was in the background as a someday but one day their daughter and daughter-in-law said they should do it now while they still had their health. They applied for a two-year mission anywhere in the world and they ended up in Winnfield, La. After they moved here one day he was talking to Dr. Jerry Williams and said they thought they would like to join the Kiwanis club. Of course, Dr. Williams said okay, come to the meeting tomorrow and they did.

The Michies are very likable, enjoyable people. They are hard workers and are getting involved in the ministries of our community. We are very happy to have them as members of the Kiwanis Club and our community. They will be here until December 2023.

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