The Louisiana Conservative Caucus Endorses Legislation to Lower Taxes, End Abortion, and Enhance 2nd Amendment Rights

The Conservative Caucus, the largest voting bloc in the Louisiana Legislature, has endorsed several policies to responsibly lower the sales tax rate, completely end abortion in Louisiana, and ensure that 2nd Amendment Rights are not infringed.

BATON ROUGE, April 11 – Last year, members of the Louisiana Legislature joined together to form the Conservative Caucus, which immediately became the largest voting bloc in the legislature. Their unifying causes were simple reflections of why their constituents sent them to Baton Rouge: to promote Louisiana’s economic prosperity through the conservative principles of fiscal responsibility, protecting the unborn, and defending our 2nd Amendment rights. In their first regular session since being formed, all 40 members of the Conservative Caucus have pledged their support to the following legislation that will responsibly lower the state sales tax, completely end abortion in Louisiana, and ensure that our 2nd Amendment Rights are not infringed.

Since 2016 when the temporary sales tax was passed, the state has continuously operated with a surplus. However, when the tax is set to expire in 2025, the state is forecasting a budget deficit of over a half billion dollars when accounting for government growth and the loss of revenue. In order to begin weaning government off of that money, Representative Tony Bacala authored House Bill 438 to immediately lower the temporary sales tax by 22%. Bacala’s proposal is backed by years of tax collection data that shows that reducing the temporary sales tax rate by that amount will not cause any budget problems. By following the data and fighting government growth, this responsible approach can be taken every year to prepare for the future, lower taxes, and curb the growth of government.

To stop the unjust practice of murdering babies, the Conservative Caucus has endorsed the following two pieces of legislation to end abortion in Louisiana.

As states have begun defying federal laws on everything from immigration enforcement to marijuana,

Representative Danny McCormick filed House Bill 344. Just like Louisiana has with federal marijuana laws, this legislation would have Louisiana stop complying with the effects of Roe v. Wade and begin enforcing a prohibition on abortions.

Representative Chuck Owen filed House Bill 146 after finding very loose language that opened the door to abortions and sterilization for those under a legal tutorship. After researching the law, Owen’s bill would require court authorization to perform an abortion or sterilization on a person under continuing tutorship.

The Conservative Caucus has endorsed two pieces of legislation to protect their constituents’ 2nd Amendment Rights. Just like last year, they are supporting Representative Danny McCormick’s House Bill 37 to institute Constitutional Carry in Louisiana. This law would mimic our current open carry law but also allow for concealment without the tax of a government permit.

Another pro-gun bill endorsed by the caucus is House Bill 43 by Representative Larry Frieman. Just like our non-enforcement of federal marijuana law, this keeps Louisiana from enforcing any federal laws that would unduly tax, register, confiscate, or prevent ownership of a firearm, accessory, or ammunition. Louisiana will be charged with enforcing Louisiana laws, but protecting its citizens from federal policies that are meant to discourage or make it cost prohibitive to enjoy our 2nd Amendment Rights.

With this first round of policy endorsements, the Conservative Caucus and its members are sending a clear message that the voices of their constituents are being heard and that their campaign pledges were not hollow talking points. They look forward to joining their colleagues in the Louisiana House and Senate in voting to send these bills to Governor Edwards’ desk.

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