The Family Church Hosts Ladies Rally

By: Kaycie Kile
WPJ Reporter

The Family Church, located at 1806 Maple St., opened its doors to all the lovely local ladies of Winnfield (and even a few lucky gentlemen!) for its Ladies Rally this past Friday, June the 15th, from 7:00 to 9:30 that evening.

Guest speaker, Mickey Mangun, captivated her audience from start to finish with her melodious keyboard work, gentle manner, and impactful message. She spoke of Habakkuk, a biblical prophet who questioned God about the evil he witnessed continuing to prosper through the world. Habukkuk, meaning “to embrace” in Hebrew, brings insight to the misconception that those of faith sit and patiently wait. Our human flesh requires an answer, and as humans, even the most worthy, fall short to doubt. Mangun illustrated the need to ’embrace’ the things dispatched to destroy us, for losing sight of God is to lose sight of his goodness. The night, ending in both evident emotion and fellowship, was one not soon to be forgotten by those in attendance!

Special thanks to Sister Marty Hines, The Family Church’s first lady, for overseeing and organizing the rally, Mickey Mangun for sharing her time, message, and other members/volunteers from The Family Church that contributed to the rally’s success! We hope to see Sister Mickey again soon!

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