Tammy Griffin Announces Candidacy for District 4 Police Juror

Campaign announcement 

My name is Tammy M Griffin. 

I am a born and raised native of Winn Parish. I am the youngest of three children born to my parents Charles and Doris Martin.  My dad was a Preacher. 

My family and I have lived here all our lives. My husband, Jerry and I, have two children, Jennifer Griffin Smith and Dusty Griffin and they blessed us with six precious grandchildren. 

I am a contract insurance agent and proudly the Police Juror for Winn Parish District 4!  I’ve served as Police Juror for District 4 in Winn Parish for the past 4 years and have several projects completed and in the process. 

I serve my community as a board member for the Tannehill Water System, 911 Committee and the Winn Fire District 3. 

I’m an active member of Calvin First Baptist and love to visit our sister churches on occasion to share in their worship. 

I am on call at all times for my community.

Before being elected as the Winn Parish Police Juror District 4, I served our community as Justice of the Peace for 23 years. I am always active in community activities and making sure raising my children and being a good wife come only second to loving my Lord.  I’ve always heard and do believe, if you want someone that will work hard, find someone that works.

I love my community, Parish, State and Country! I will always do my best to serve each of these. 

Being a responsible and knowledgeable Police Juror is vital to our parish, knowing how the budget is divided and allocated and searching for ways to improve all of our community assets and infrastructure. This includes ROADS, rural fire departments, rural water systems, fellow governmental agencies, schools, rural municipalities, libraries and the list goes on and on. 

Each thing I have listed is a priority to our parish.

I’m asking for your support for re-election to the Winn Parish District 4 Police Juror seat, to continue helping our parish and searching for better ways to help us grow. 

Please Re-elect Tammy M Griffin #55 on your ballot!