Suspect Shot During Police Standoff in Winnfield

A Vehicle burglary suspect was shot in the jaw after a five-hour stand-off with police in Winnfield early this morning.

Cornelius Street, 42 of Winnfield allegedly burglarized a vehicle located on Cedar Dr. in Winnfield Wednesday night. The City of Winnfield Police Department received a call of a vehicle burglary in progress. The location of the vehicle was located outside of the city limits so Winn Parish Sheriff’s Department was called by the WPD.

Winn Parish Sheriff’s Department assisted by Winnfield Police Department attempted to arrest Street at his home located at 1708 Front St. in Winnfield at approximately 11 PM Wednesday. As officers approached the door of the house, five shots were fired at the officers.

Street barricaded himself inside the home with his girlfriend and children inside. Winn Parish Sheriff’s Department called the Louisiana State Police SWAT team to assist. Winnfield Fire Department and Advanced Ambulance were also called and staged nearby on E. Jones St.

After a four-hour stand-off, LA State Police SWAT breached the front door, threw flashbangs into the home, and was able to remove the suspect’s girlfriend and children from the house.

Street was barricaded in a storage room in the front of the home. According to sources, he was shot one time through the left side of the jaw. Street was transported in stable condition to Rapides Regional Medical Center.

No officers were injured during the incident. This story is still developing.

3 thoughts on “Suspect Shot During Police Standoff in Winnfield

  1. You know the appropriate thing to do would be to call in a psychiatrist. if its been four hours!!.. a shot in the jaw was really a headshot.. which to me is to be interprted as an attempted kill shot. Im not saying that what he did was right or wrong. It was clearly wrong!

    But actions like these are why people hate the police. Yes, the guy was shooting at you guys. Yes, he was wrong but if its been four hours and he is locked in the house. Dont you think calling in some mental health is more appropriate then just going in and shooting him in the head?

    I am in no way defending the guys actions. Hes was clearly wrong and criminal. But dont let the lines ever start to be blurred between enforcing the law…. and criminal behavior used to enforce the law.

    One should never break the law in order to enforce the law. While the details are clearly lacking in the article what happend. If the guy is locked in his home… call someone to talk to him and give himself up. It goes without saying that someone on the police force probably had some vengence to shoot him in the head.

    hate breeds hate.

    • A thief resisting arrest and holding his own family hostage doesn’t need a psychiatrist, he needs a cop that’s a better shot.

  2. Are yall people serious!? The guy is shooting at you. Do you really want to be the therapist to go up there. Whats he going to do? Please come out; pretty Please with a cherry on top? We will give you your own little cry clausit. He wanted all this bad assery, he got it. Its time people take responsibility for their own actions.

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