Supreme Court Order Extends Aspects of April 6 Order

The Supreme Court of Louisiana issued an order on April 22 that extends aspects of the April 6th Order (SEE DOCUMENT BELOW).

1. Prior Order: All provisions of the April 6, 2020 Order of this Court shall remain in place, except as expressly modified herein. To the extent that proceedings can be conducted by remote conferencing, judges are encouraged to conduct all court matters.

2. Jury Trials: No civil or criminal jury trial shall commence in any Louisiana state court before June 30, 2020.

3. Remote Proceedings: The consent for remote proceedings in civil matters required in Section 6 of this Court’s April 6, 2020 Order shall not be unreasonably withheld by any party, which shall be enforced by the trial judge pursuant to the authority granted by Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure Article 191, or as expressly provided by law.

You can read the order here. 

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