Stop The Bleed in Winn Parish Schools Fund Raiser Close to Reaching Goal – Help Them Get There!

The number one cause of preventable death is blood loss. In light of recent National tragedies, we find it of utmost importance to equip our schools with the resources that they need for emergent bleeding control. Trauma that results in blood loss may be caused from acts of violence, a fall, sports related injuries, a saw mishap in the Ag department, etc.

Through the Stop The Bleed initiative, it is our goal to donate hemorrhage control kits to the Winn Parish School Board to distribute to each of the 6 schools. These kits could potentially save the life of one of our own children.

It is especially important to have in our more rural facilities, where EMS response may take a little longer. It is clear that time is a critical factor and outcomes are directly related to how quickly bleeding control is achieved.

Each classroom kit will include a C-A-T tourniquet, Quikclot gauze, gloves, etc. Each of these kits cost roughly $50 per classroom. We have set our goal at $5,500. We are hopeful, that with your help, we will be able to make this plan a reality. We appreciate any contributions that you are able to make!

You may donate using the following link

Thank you,
Hanna Williams, RN CEN CPEN
Donice Fletcher, RN CEN CPEN