Special Open House at Winnfield Schools Slated Just for Atlanta Students

There will be an Open House at each of the three Winnfield schools for students of all ages who have been attending Atlanta High School.

The dates will be tomorrow Thursday, July 13, at Winnfield Middle School beginning at 5 p.m. and at Winnfield Senior High School beginning at 6 p.m.  The Open House at Winnfield Primary School will be held Tuesday, July 18, from 5 until 6 p.m.

While it is traditional to hold an open house at schools before the year gets underway, this special early welcome is only for the Atlanta students who will be transferred to the Winnfield schools beginning this fall.

The purpose of the event is to allow the incoming students to tour the new facility, to meet available staff members and to meet various club sponsors as well as athletic staff for those students desiring to become involved with programs at the schools.

School leaders note that since activities like basketball and football are ongoing program, those incoming students who may wish to become involved will want to get “plugged in” sooner than later so the Open House is an opportunity to learn more about what’s available, to get involved now.

Note that the traditional back-to-school Open House at each of the system’s schools will be held as normal, closer to school opening, with dates to be announced.