Southern Gospel Band Performs at FUMC

From left to right: Marcelle Slaughter (Group Owner and Tenor), Robert Jackson (Lead), Jeremy Glass (Lead/Pianist), Tim Thomas (Baritone, Bassist, and Sound), Gabriel Austin (former Bass and special guest) preform together for attending crowd.

The Southern Plainsmen Quartet, a traveling gospel band, made a well received pit stop in Winn Parish this past weekend amidst their latest tour. 

Winnfield’s very own First United Methodist Church (located at 300 West Main St) hosted the Quartet and the reception that followed within its four walls Sunday, October 22, for the community’s listening pleasure.

The Southern Plainsmen Quartet was originally established out of West Central Louisiana back in May of 1978. For over forty years now they’ve traveled and performed for the whole of LA, and farther still sharing their music, ministry and love in Christ regardless of denomination. 

Halfway through the initial performance for FUMC, Marcelle Slaughter (Group owner/Tenor), called to attention a special guest among those gathered that evening. Gabriel Austin, former SPQ Bass came forward and joined the band in several tunes. His rendition of ‘Holy’ was found especially touching by the audience. 

Joel Carter, Pastor of FUMC would like to remind anyone who missed the entertainment to check out the church’s Facebook page for their live recording of the event. Pastor Carter went on to express his delight with the SPQ and what he considered to be a successful evening, “Their dedication to the gospel of Jesus Christ shines through every song and story they share. This was their first visit to the Winnfield First United Methodist Church, but it won’t be their last. They have already expressed the desire to return and those in attendance are already asking when they will be back! Page 334 of the Methodist Hymnal contains a song titled “There’s a Sweet Sweet Spirit in this Place”. That Spirit was here Sunday night. And it touched many hearts for sure.”