School Employees See $4.513 Million End of Year Payout

Thanks to voters who supported the sales tax issues in 1969 and 1994, Winn Parish School System employees enjoy not only a monthly boost to their paychecks but also an end-of-year supplement when any of the non-distributed collections are shared.

Sales across the parish and the related tax collections were higher than usual this year and when the Winn Parish School Board’s fiscal year ended June 30 and the figures were tallied, the total to be divided came to a record $4.513 million.

The two taxes are calculated differently. Under the 1969 tax, all employees receive a 10% addition to their nine-month base salary, while years of experience and level of education are factored in. Under the 1994 tax, 18% of collections are dedicated to school supply costs, with 57% dedicated to certificated personnel and 25% to support personnel.

Collections under each of the taxes that are not paid out in the monthly distribution are divided at the end of a time period. The 1969 tax collections are shared at the end of the year. The 1994 tax collections are shared both at mid-year (December) and at year’s end (June).