School Board Business Covers Budget to Stadium Security

Groundwork was laid Sept. 5 by the Winn Parish School Board for adoption to its 2023-24 Consolidated Budget when they held a public budget hearing for that item prior to the regular monthly session.  There were no public comments made, allowing the board to move forward with budget approval during a later date.

An enjoyable highlight Tuesday night was the Calvin High School Spotlight honoring student Lauren Chandler who was a Beta Club winner, both at the state and national levels.

Matters on the agenda were approved by the board, including the Executive Committee report, Finance & Budget Committee report, receiving Personnel Information Report and General Fund to Actual report.  Several matters on insurance were delayed for study.  In the area of millage rates for 2023, the board agreed to retain rates the same as last year.  The exception will be Consolidated District 11, Dodson’s school sinking fund, which will be slightly reduced.

The board heard the plan from the state legislature to provide a one-time stipend to school employees this fall in lieu of a pay raise.  Supt. Alfred Simmons said the timing is not certain but the benefit could come in October.  Under the plan, certificated employees will receive a $2,000 stipend while support personnel will receive $1,000.

Under Superintendent’s Comments, Simmons told the board that a stadium security plan for football games at WSHS is being implemented and will be in place by the first home game which will be Sept. 15.  That security package will be publicized so that the public will better understand what to expect at games.