Rotary Club Firecracker 5k – Reaching Forward Ministries Feeding 9000 – WPFD3 – Honor Veterans & First Responders on 4th of July

By: Kaycie Kile
WPJ Reporter

In honor of those who aid and serve our country, at home and overseas, on Monday, July 4th, 2022, the Rotary Club of Winnfield teamed up with WPFD3 (Winn Parish Fire District 3) and Reaching Forward ministries to bring the community a bit of Fourth of July fun!

The Firecracker 5k popped off at nine in the morning, with all eager participants wrapping up just before eleven and Daniel Simmons, Number 64, finishing the day’s first-place winner!

Perfect timing considering that Reaching Forward Ministries and all its helping hands had just finished preparing its first round of lunch. All 5k participants, Veterans, and First Responders were treated to jambalaya with sides and a little something sweet for dessert.

It wasn’t long before the Air Evac Helicopter safely landed and allowed guests to approach for a closer look, ask questions and snap a few photos.

A ‘Stop The Bleed’ class, instructed by Hunter Brunet of Air Evac (base 160), took place within the WPFD3 building. Mr. Brunet went into depth about the various approaches to caring for injuries specific to heavy or consistent bleeding while providing a hands-on example for all present.

Last but not least, Landon Womack was hand-drawn as the lucky winner of this year’s 5K door prize, a beautiful handmade Independence Day quilt (see article’s photos) made by Mary Lou Green.

Special thanks to Mary Lou Green, The Rotary Club of Winnfield, Winn Parish Fire District 3, Reaching Forward Ministries, Mr. Brunet, Air Evac, and all volunteers or able hands that put their time and effort into such an enjoyable afternoon!

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