Remember This? Guardian Angels

By: Brad Dison

The belief in guardian angels goes back thousands of years. The Bible mentions several instances in which God sent angels to protect or deliver people from danger. Guardian angels are believed to be able to take on any form and can embody any person at any time. Believers contend that guardian angels are all around us although they are usually unaware that they are guardian angels.

On December 9, 2021, Muskogee, Oklahoma had at least two known cases where a guardian angel stepped in to help. It happened first at an elementary school. A seventh-grade boy was standing by a water fountain holding a water bottle. Wishing to refill his bottle, the boy pushed the button to turn the water on while he held the bottle in his other hand. Rather than releasing the button to remove the lid, he removed the cap with his teeth. When he inhaled, the bottle cap slid down and lodged in his throat. In a panic, he stumbled into the nearest classroom and mouthed the words, “I’m choking. I’m choking.”

It could have been his last breath, but his guardian angel was waiting. The guardian angel sprang into action as if he were placed in the moment for that very purpose. He got behind the seventh-grader and performed the Heimlich Maneuver in a manner that would have impressed most doctors. His only experience with the life-saving technique was what he had seen on YouTube. With a couple of thrusts, the bottle cap shot out of the panic-stricken boy’s mouth. The boy took several deep breaths and thanked his guardian angel. Rather than glorifying the fact that he had saved someone’s life, he humbly returned to what he had been doing before the choking boy staggered into his classroom.

Later that day, a fire broke out in the back of a house in Muskogee. As if by divine providence, a guardian angel was on his way to church with a family member when he noticed smoke and flames coming from the house. He ran from the car toward the home. He knocked on the door and yelled to those inside that the house was on fire. Several people ran from the home while the guardian angel ran into the house. A disabled woman who required a walker to get around, slowly made her way toward the front of the house. Unfortunately, the fire was spreading more quickly than she could move. She was gasping for breath and struggling to walk. The guardian ran to her, put his arms around her, and quickly helped her escape from the flames. The guardian angel remained completely calm through the whole ordeal, which could have claimed his life as well. Had he been a few seconds later, the woman probably would have been consumed by the flames. Once he made sure the woman was safe, he returned to his car and continued on to church.

On a single December day in Muskogee, Oklahoma, the same guardian angel saved the lives of a choking boy and a disabled woman from a house fire. People referred to him as a hero, but he just replied that “it was the right thing to do.” For his life-saving deeds, the Muskogee Police Department and Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office named him an honorary member of their forces. He was also recognized by the Muskogee Public Schools Board of Education during their December board meeting. ‘I don’t want everyone to pay attention to me,” he said. “I kind of did what I was supposed to do.” This guardian angel was Davyon Johnson, an 11-year-old boy.

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