Quick Response from WPFD3 Saves Residence From Total Loss

On April 4, 2022, at 11:25 hours, Winn Parish Fire District 3 responded to Roby Higgs Rd in reference to a reported structure fire.

Upon arrival, firefighters observed smoke coming from the residence. After talking to the homeowner, it was determined that the fire was located in a bedroom on the Alpha/Delta corner of the residence. Fire personnel deployed (1) 1 3/4” attack line for fire attack.

While personnel were donning their PPE and SCBA, Chief Foster began spraying water through a window on the “D” side of the structure. Once personnel had all of their gear on, two Firefighters made entry into the residence through the front door on the “A” side of the residence. Once FF made it to the fire room, personnel extinguished the remaining fire that was in the room. Once the main fire was knocked out, a PPV fan was placed at the front door of the residence to begin pushing smoke out of the residence. Firefighters then conducted a thorough overhaul of the residence and ensured that the fire was out. Once the fire was out and the scene was safe, all units cleared the scene and returned to the station.

We would like to thank all of the off-duty personnel that showed up as well as the quick response from Central Station. What could have been a complete loss was turned into an amazing save due to the quick response and actions by the crew from Central!!

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