Precincts Merge But Voting Places Remain Same as Jury Complies with Redistricting Plans

In preparation for fall elections, the Winn Parish Police Jury voted in a special session to merge 20 precincts into nine in accordance with post-census reapportionment.  While the precinct numbers will change, lawmakers are confident that the “voting places” where voters will go will not change.

“After redistricting, this is something we have to go over,” explained jury president Josh McAllister.  But since this process is controlled at higher state levels, “it’s kind of out of our hands.  We have to merge precincts but I don’t think a whole lot will change.  Everyone will get a card from the Registrar of Voters Office.”

Responding to travel and the ease of voting, juror Tammy Griffin observed that “there are a lot more available days (one week) down here at the Registrar’s Office during early voting than on Election Day at the precinct.”  After some discussion, jurors concluded that nobody’s voting location should change due to the mergers.

With the action, Precinct 2-1A merges with 2-1 to create New Precinct 2-1, polling at 401 S St John St.

Precincts 3-1C and 3-1D merge with 3-1A to create the New Precinct 3-1A, polling at 401 S St John St.

Precinct 3-3A merges with 3-3 to create the New Precinct 3-3, polling at 334 Collins Camp Road.

Precinct 4-1A merges with 4-1 to create the New Precinct 4-1, polling at 631 Thomas Mill Road.

Precinct 7-1B merges with 7-1 to create the New Precinct 7-1, polling at 1607 Maples St.

Precinct 7-3 merges with 7-2A to create the New Precinct 7-2A, polling at 1607 Maple St.

Precincts 1-3, 1-4 and 3-2A merge to create the New Precinct 1-3, polling at 176 Collier St., Atlanta.

Precinct 2-2 merges with 6-1A to create the New Precinct 6-1A, polling at 200 N St John St.

Precinct 4-2A merges with 4-3 to create the New Precinct 4-3, polling at 255 Second St., Calvin.\

In other action the jury voted to assess a 4% administrative charge on sales tax and ad valorum  (property) tax revenues effective this year beginning January 2023.  Jurors heard that this is a financial move that the auditor has been advising for several years.  The fee will not affect the amount that taxpayers are paying.  

Based on 2022 figures, the new fee could bring about $197,000 into the jury’s General Fund.  Those funds would not be dedicated and lawmakers could amend the budget to transfer monies to other jury funds as needed.

The jury also agreed to create and place three blue and while road signs at the approaches to the Wattsville Community near Calvin.  In the same manner as unincorporated communities like St Maurice, “folks in the Wattsville Community wanted a place name,” said juror Griffin.