Notice; 4-Day Calendar Survey For Winn Parish School District

Monday, February 6th around 3:45 that afternoon a message was issued through the school system (with a link to their website,, soon to follow after 4 pm) to forward guardians, loved ones, and faculty alike to a survey addressing the recent inquiries to a four day calendar week for our district.

After clicking the guided link you are allowed to view two color-coded sample calendars, one of a four-day school week, and the other of the standing five-day school week to better compare the differences each brings to our families and community for the ’23-’24 calendar year. This link, the samples, and the survey provided will close this coming Friday, February 17th, at noon. The information provided by those who have interacted will be collected and presented for public disclosure shortly after.

Mentioned cons for a 4-day school week;
-Decrease in quality of instruction for teachers and students alike.
-Fewer opportunities for the school to provide meals (breakfast and lunch) to students.
-Impact on extracurricular activities.
-Longer school days affecting bus routes, prompt after-school pick-up, and tutoring.
-Childcare adjusting to the new calendar.

Mentioned pros for a 4-day school week;
-Improved attendance for students and employees alike.
-Improved teacher and other faculty recruitment and retention.
-Improved student academic and testing performance.
-Longer weekends for faculty and students.

If you have yet to interact with the message described above or the link provided on the school districts website, please be sure to do so before this coming Friday! Whether this topic presents concerned or optimistic feelings for your student and household now is the time to assert your voice is properly represented in the coming changes. Complete the survey, reach out to your representing school board members, and most importantly discuss this with your family and peers!


Lacey McManus/District 1 (318-302-2427)
Harry Scott/District 2 (318-542-6294)
Amber Cox/District 3 (318-471-7783)
Michelle Carpenter/District 4 (318-413-2757)
Steve Vines/District 5 (318-413-1253)
Michael Riffe/District 6 (318-302-3171)
Joe Llaine Long/District 7 (318-413-4614)
Patrick J Howell/District 8 (318-623-8612)
Dan Taylor/District 9 (318-451-0456)
Joe Lynn Browning/District 10 (318-471-0192)
Lance Underwood/District 11 (318-374-0505)