New Marshall Speaks to Rotary Club of Winnfield

The guest speaker for The Rotary Club of Winnfield’s meeting at Lynda’s Country Kitchen on January 20, 2021 was Jamey Maxwell, Winnfield’s recently-elected City Marshall.  He told Rotary members about the duties and authority of his office, and how he has been spending his time as Marshall since he took office at the first of the year.

Mr. Maxwell has 23 years of law enforcement experience with the Winn Parish Sheriff’s office, and is familiar with the ropes of enforcing the laws of our city and state. The City Marshall has the same law enforcement authority as the office of the Sheriff within the city limits and seven of the wards within Winn Parish. The City police department and the Sheriff’s office conduct all investigations, and the Marshall simply backs them up if needed. But he has authority to make traffic stops and give citations, make arrests and so forth, if the occasion warrants the same.

The primary duties of the City Marshall involve Winnfield City Court, where he serves as the court bailiff, and as the officer who serves all citations, pleadings requiring service, summonses for court appearances, and court orders. He supervises the eviction of tenants from rented premises, and collects and disburses seizures of funds by garnishments of wages obtained in the City court, as well as overseeing any needed enforcement of other City court orders.

Funding for the Marshall’s office is derived through fees charged by the court for serving the various papers and summonses, the 6% fee allowed to the collector of wage garnishments. The Marshall receives a salary of $450 per month and is allowed to draw up to 90% of the service fees collected by city court, although Mr. Maxwell assured his audience he does not draw that large percentage. He prefers to leave most of the money collected in the Marshall’s fund, despite the many hours of service he renders to the City court each week. He says he intends to manage the moneys he collects through his office with the best interest of the City of Winnfield and its citizens in mind.

The Rotary Club of Winnfield meets every Wednesday at Noon for lunch at Lynda’s Country Kitchen. For more information about the Rotary Club of Winnfield, you may contact President, Jodi Taylor (832) 573-5085. You can also find club information on Facebook at Rotary Club of Winnfield Facebook Page or online at   

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