Louisiana Trust for Historic Preservation Adds Two Winn Parish School Buildings to Endangered List

The Louisiana Trust for Historic Preservation released the list of endangered sites adding 14 this year; two of which are abandoned schools in Winn Parish.

Sikes High School (Sikes, Winn Parish, 1929) – This school replaced an earlier one-room schoolhouse when it was completed in 1929. It took only four months to build at about $40,000. Both the elementary school and high schools closed in the late 1980s and have sat vacant ever since. The Sikes Wolf Creek Handicraft Guild and the local Council on Aging are partnering to find ways to save this school. It needs major renovation and fundraising to restore it to a functional condition.

Winnfield Intermediate School (Winnfield, Winn Parish, 1928) – Originally built as the Winnfield High School, this educational landmark was constructed in 1928. It was designed by Herman J. Duncan and constructed by Tudor & Ratcliff, both of Alexandria. Much of Winnfield’s historic fabric has been lost and this school has become one of the last notable landmarks standing. Other modern schools have been built nearby and the last classes were held here in 2018. A building and community assessment are needed to determine its condition and potential new uses.

Since 1999, the Louisiana Trust for Historic Preservation has maintained the LOUISIANA’S MOST ENDANGERED PLACES LIST, and advocated to save these threatened sites. The list is created from people sending in nominations to include a site on the list. Sites are selected based on their historic integrity and the likelihood to bring about a positive resolution to their situation or to those of similar sites. 

Founded in 1979, the Louisiana Trust for Historic Preservation advocates promotes and preserves historic places representing our diverse culture. The founders understood that an organized state-wide network of preservationists was a critical component to promoting the preservation of the diverse culture and historic resources of Louisiana through education, technical assistance, outreach and advocacy.

The Louisiana Trust for Historic Preservation is the statewide partner of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Sikes High School

Winnfield Intermediate School

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