Louisiana Remains in Phase 3 Despite Some Misinformation

According to an email received by business owners registered for the opensafely.gov updates “despite some misinformation being shared, the Governorʼs public health emergency order REMAINS in effect at this time, and you should continue to adhere to the guidelines associated with it. While there has been a challenge to the Governorʼs order, it is still in place while this is being worked out in the courts. Louisiana remains in Phase 3 and the statewide mask mandate is still in place.”

The current Phase 3 Order expires on November 6, 2020. On, October 22, 2020, Gov. John Bel Edwards amended the order  for outdoor high school sports by allowing outdoor stadiums in parishes with lower rates of positive COVID tests to move to 50 percent capacity, up from 25 percent. The amended order included Grant and Winn parish. Prior to this change, the capacity for sports stadiums, arenas and athletic events was limited to 25 percent. 

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