Louisiana Loggers Association and PAC Update

The theme this 2020 session is tort reform and the LLA is following suit. Our main focus will be to move legislation that will affect commercial liability insurance for log haulers. We are aware that there is no “quick fix” to this commercial liability crisis but the LLA will take every opportunity to start moving our state in a more positive direction. Also, a language correction to the new Timber Harvest Permit will be brought as an amendment.

*** if you have purchased the new Timber Harvest Permit ($100 permit allowing 88,000 lbs with on-board scales), if/when the amendment is passed and signed into law, the new regulations will transfer to your purchased permit.

The Louisiana Loggers Association will be hosting a “Day of Louisiana Logging” here, in Winnfield. Our 2020 legislatures and other special guests are invited to lunch and an on-site presentation that will provide them with a more extensive look into the timber industry of Louisiana.

If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a member or an associate member of the Louisiana Loggers Association please contact Toni McAllister at 318-729-1726, lla_pac@laloggers.com or message us on Facebook “Louisiana Loggers Association and PAC”.

“Providing a voice for the Louisiana Logger”

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