Louisiana Conservative Caucus Calls for Veto Override Session

The Conservative Caucus stands in support of the people of Louisiana and all Republicans in the House and Senate in calling for a veto override session.

BATON ROUGE, June 23 – In a show of support for all Republican legislators and their legislation, the Louisiana Conservative Caucus is calling for a veto override session to correct the Governor’s unilateral actions. This year, the Governor has vetoed legislation ranging from religious freedom and personal liberty to criminal justice reform and special needs education.

The members of the Conservative Caucus are asking all of our House and Senate colleagues to join us in calling a veto override session, and we are asking the public to encourage your members of the House and Senate. “The legislature represents the will of the people of Louisiana,” said Representative Rhonda Butler (R – Turkey Creek), a founding member of the Conservative Caucus. She added, “Overriding the vetoes is not about politics; it’s about checks and balances and serving the people who elected us to be their voice in Baton Rouge.”

“The Conservative Caucus has always supported and defended our Republican colleagues,” said Representative Jack McFarland (R – Winnfield), Chairman of the Conservative Caucus. He continued, “And if the majority of Republicans in the House and Senate thought these bills were worthy of becoming law, then we should all band together to ensure that becomes reality.”

The Conservative Caucus can be found on Facebook @LaConservativeCaucus and online at http://www.LaConservativeCaucus.com.

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