LOGA Responds to Biden Administration’s Cancellation of GOM Lease Sales

BATON ROUGE, LA (May 12, 2022) – The Biden Administration has announced the cancellation of the last remaining lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico from the most recent Five-Year offshore drilling plan.

In response, Louisiana Oil & Gas Association President Mike Moncla released the following statement:

“The canceling of the last remaining lease sales from the most recent renewal of the Five-Year Plan is not really news, since the Biden Administration has already said that we will not move forward with any new lease sales, but I’m glad this has made the news cycle. The canceling of the sale of leases 259 and 261 in the Gulf of Mexico puts a beautiful exclamation point on the absolute devastation that this administration has caused to our industry, and to our nation.

We are suffering from a war overseas. Prices at the pump are at an all-time high. The only way to bring those prices down is to increase domestic energy production. It is nothing short of hypocritical that the Biden administration bans Russian energy imports, while at the same time doing everything it can to stop any and all future production in the Gulf of Mexico.

We desperately need a renewal of the Five-Year offshore leasing plan. Sadly, as long as Joe Biden is in office, his pattern of behavior indicates devastating effects on Gulf of Mexico production for years to come.”

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