Local Professional Forest Resource Consultant Specializes in Melding Timber and Wildlife Habitat Management

Why you should hire a forestry consulting firm?
Timber and wildlife habitat management doesn’t have to be an either-or proposition. We specialize in making the two work together.

Whether you own 40 acres or 4,000 acres, the main objective of hiring a professional forest resource consultant is to protect your investment and obtain critical technical assistance in all phases of forest management.

Forest landowners face a variety of alternatives regarding the management of their lands. Some are focused solely on maximum timber production and revenue, while others are just as concerned with wildlife habitat and recreation. A knowledgeable consultant will work with you in defining and implementing their forest management goals.

Timber Management & Marketing – Like any investment, timberland requires planning and proper management to achieve optimum returns. Well managed forests can offer reliable returns over long periods of time. When it’s time to sell timber, we know the market and offer our clients recommendations on the best methods and procedures for their specific tract of timber. We handle the process from beginning to end and, if needed, assist in reforestation. We have no vested interest in any wood purchasing companies or logging operations, which eliminates the possibility of any conflict of interest which may arise in the selling process. We conduct all activities with your best interest in mind.

Deer Habitat Management – Although many species of wildlife benefit from a healthy forest and our management strategies, most of our plans are targeted at creating a better habitat for deer. The primary objective is to provide everything they need to live and thrive on your property. Simply stated, they need secure cover, diverse food sources, and water. Though they will certainly wander beyond property boundaries, our goal is to create an environment where they will want to spend a disproportionate amount of time, especially the period between sunup and sundown. By effectively manipulating and improving the habitat, this can be accomplished even on small properties.

Land Sales And Purchases – We specialize in timberland and recreational properties. If you’re interested in selling or purchasing timberland, we can help you allocate value to the land AND timber, as well as improvements, to determine an acceptable sale or purchase price. If you’re selling or looking for that hunting land you’ve always dreamed of, we have the knowledge to evaluate and promote that aspect of the property.

ForestLand Associates, LLC – We are a full spectrum forest resource consulting firm, specializing in timber management and marketing, wildlife habitat management, and rural real estate.

Contact Us – Combined we have over 80 years of experience in the forest industry. There have been many changes in that industry over the years but our commitment to providing the best services possible has not.

Kevin Daugherty – Managing Partner 318-312-1240 kevin@forestland.com.
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