Interview with WPSB Superintendent – Part I

The Winn Parish Journal sat down with Winn Parish School Board Superintendent Steve Bartlett to ask him questions submitted by parents. 

Twenty-four questions were submitted by parents. Similar questions have been combined.

Part I includes questions 1 – 12. 

Question # 1 – How will this year affect the seniors? Will they be able to get all the credits they need to graduate on time?

Question # 2 – Is the block schedule still in place at Winnfield Sr. High School? If so, will the students still meet credit requirements on the reduced schedule?

Question # 3 – Will the teachers have instructional classes all day, every day except Friday, or will one period each day be a planning period? It is my understanding that Friday will be used for planning, hosting group meets, professional learning, feedback, etc.

Question # 4 – Why are teachers only getting 10 paid sick days in the middle of this pandemic? Are you worried that they would come to school sick to avoid being docked pay that’s already too little?

Question # 5 – Chrome books and the internet seem to be a major concern due to virtual learning. Are enough chrome books available to the students that need them? What are the options for internet usage if not available in their area?

Question # 6 – If we choose the virtual route, how would the students get the curriculum and interaction between them and the teachers?

Question # 7 – During the last four to five months and the uncertainty of what school would look like in the fall and the strong possibility of virtual learning, have the teachers been in workshops or training to be ready for implementation of virtual curriculum? Also has there been training or information available for the parents and students for virtual learning? 

Question # 8 – If the parent/student picks one form of learning but finds it is not working, can they change? If so at what point?

Question # 9 – Will we have sports season?

Question # 10 – Due to the Phase that we are presently in, I assume no open house will be available at the schools. What is the process for parents and/students to visit and become familiar with the school and what is expected of them in this new year?  Examples:  pre-K, students changing schools, students new to the parish

Question # 11 – In an effort to cut costs for the school board, will students be allowed to bring their own pocket sized or travel sized containers of hand sanitizer?

Question # 12 – Why wasn’t a survey or question and answer for the parents and educators performed during the planning process to possibly build a feeling of “we are in this together”?

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