Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,


The purpose of this letter is to recognize & pay tribute to you, the essential worker. For the past fifteen months of COVID-19, Lockdowns, two major Hurricanes, days of power outages, then to cap it off, Winn Parish experienced an ice and snow storm that once again tried to paralyze us. Thru all this, there was one group of people that demonstrated —

These people were on the front line, the unseen workers, every day exposing themself & family, to serving all of us. Stop and think where would we be without them??

In your own way, each of you has provided a needed positive example that we needed, you have supplied all families with the needed goods and services, police & fire protection, National Guard services, caregivers, mail from loved ones, and etc., each one of YOU ARE OUR HEROES

You all have my most profound respect and appreciation. We can never thank you enough for your selfless service to others by placing your own health and that of your family on the front line in harm’s way every day. I thank you all; you have my gratitude and respect, for the endless service you provide daily. I ask all of the non-essential workers that the next time you are out, join me in thanking those Heros for their sacrifices and service, during this most difficult period-
You all are heroes –

May God Bless you
Ted Wold & Family

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