Legislative Recap with District 13 Rep Jack McFarland

The Winn Parish Journal recently caught up with Louisiana House of Representative, District 13 Rep, Jack McFarland, to get an update on a few things he accomplished in the most recent legislative session. 

This year I was able to pass the following legislation, stated McFarland.

  •  HB 159 – this went into effect August 1, it allows nighttime hunting of hogs, beaver, and nutria year-round 
  • HB 763 Declaration of Emergency during Abnormal Economic Disruption – when a declaration of emergency occurs, it gives the DOA some guidelines on businesses that can operate and some protections to consumers as well during these emergencies. 
  • HB 442 – amended existing harvest weight permits for the timber industry 
  • Co-authored HB 57 – Civil Justice Reform Act – this legislation is better known as Tort Reform. The intent is to lower automobile insurance premiums by changing our current judicial system. For example, we reduced the jury trial threshold from $50,000 to $10,000, Repealed the Seat Belt gag law, Amended Direct action, and Amended the Collateral Source Law.
  • As a member of Appropriations, we secured a Supplemental Funding Formula in HB 1 for our Hospitals that is awaiting approval by CMS. This is vital to our hospitals but especially Rural Hospitals.
  • As Chairman of the House Ag/Forestry Committee we worked with the State Department of Ag/Forestry to amend some existing laws that have become nonessential and establish new guidelines for businesses working in state rights of ways that fall under the Department of AG’s supervision.
  • We also amended existing laws to allow Live Stock Enforcement officers to arrest and detain suspects during roadside inspections or other criminal activities. 

McFarland is the President of McFarland Timber. He was elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives in 2015. He ran unopposed for re-election for his second term in 2019. McFarland serves on the following committees, caucuses, and delegations.

  • Agriculture, Forestry, Aquaculture, and Rural Development, Chairman
  • Appropriations
  • Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget
  • House Select Leadership Committee
  • Louisiana Republican Legislative Delegation
  • Louisiana Rural Caucus
  • North Louisiana Legislative Delegation

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