Kiwanis Meet at The Lousiana Political Museum

Tuesday, August 1st, Kiwanis held their weekly meeting at the Louisiana Political Museum in the old Youth Shop/Girlfriend building.  Shonna Moss continued her update from the previous meeting. This building was purchased by the Museum after the businesses closed and now houses the furniture that was donated by the Allen family. The right side of the building houses the archives and the left side is set up with the furniture and  has an area that can be used for meetings and events. The Kiwanis club was the first to use this meeting area. Mrs. Moss said that the new Huey Long exhibit will be set up next week. August 30th is the 30th anniversary of the opening of the La Political Museum and there  will be an anniversary celebration on August 26th. More information will be available shortly. There are many plans being made for the future of the museum.  If you have not visited the museum, it is well worth your time.