Jury Moves to Tap Fema Funds for Multiple Roads Repair

The Winn Parish Police Jury voted at its June 20 meeting to advertise for base material/pit run for a series of parish roads due FEMA-funding repairs caused by damage from hurricanes Laura and Delta.

Rock and pit run may not sound like much more than dirt to some but are the base building blocks of parish roads. Further, explained jury secretary-treasurer Karen Tyler, the parish governing body must have its suppliers in place (for rock and for base material) before it can secure the next link in the process, that of contract haulers to transport materials to the road projects.

Jury crews and equipment will perform the roadwork when materials are delivered. FEMA funding for the roads, although “obligated,” may not be received by the parish in a lump sum manner, said Tyler. Of the first eight project batches, Winn has received $966,113 of $1.07 million in obligations.

Hurricane Delta (October 2020) projects include the roads of Rabbit, Firetower and Peppers ($104,191).

Other groupings relate to Hurricane Laura (August 2020). Included are (1) Campground, McGinty, River, Waterwell, Morning Star and Old Alexandria ($176,682); (2) Packton-Alexandria ($102,397); (3) Leon Carpenter and Willard Taylor ($211,152); (4) Guy Gaar, H. Bustin and John Ingles ($214,536); (5) Holmes Cemetery, Iron Bridge and Julius Smith ($95,822); (6) J. White ($58,277); as well as signage in the amount of $3,058.

FEMA has obligated another nearly $5 million (with some $4.5 million as “eligible”) for a second series of local road projects but funding will likely not be released until work is complete on a portion of the above listings.

Those project groupings include the roads; (1) Braxton, Brewer, Dark, E. Parker, Fatheree, Carter Crossing, Deloy Green and Gaars Mill ($1.66 million); (2) Buckskin, Buddy Bates, Doug McCarty, Lonehill Church, Floyd Johnson and McCartney Camp ($604,435); McDavid, Roebuck, Tom Hudson, Weatherford and Womack ($715,581); Allbritton, Big Creek, Buddy Taylor, Harper, GW Horn, Clayton Holmes, Davison, E. Mercer and Elmer Jones ($1.24 million); and Manuel Long, Mars Hill, McLain, Mitchell, New Mars Hill and Wilder ($270,060)

Funding also sought by the jury but not yet obligated by FEMA include two additional groups: (1) Chee Chee Dam, Coldwater, Frank White, Stumps Camp and Meyers Camp and (2) Hurricane Grove, Jake Creel, Leach, McDaniel Loop, Starnes, Welcome Home, Whiskey Hollow and Henry Sanders.