Interview with WPSB Superintendent – Part II

WPJ continues the interview with Winn Parish School Board Superintendent, Steve Bartlett. In this segment, we cover questions 13-22 submitted by parents.

Question # 13 – Why were parents not contacted by, poll, questionnaire, etc, about how/when we think school should have started back?

Question # 14 – Was any consideration given to delaying school to after Labor Day? If so, what was the reason not to delay?

Question # 15 – In the school pack it specifies that if kids miss too many days, they will be reported to child welfare and attendance. It also states that a child cannot come to school with a cough. How many days are allowed this year? Will the parents have to go to the doctor each time their child has a cough to get the absence excused?

Question # 16 – If a child is running a fever how long do, must they be out?Will they have to have a negative COVID test or stay out 14 days?

Question # 17 – What if a parent works out of town and can’t make it in an hour? Will law enforcement really be called? 

Question # 18 – What is the reasoning behind having to have uniform specific face mask?

Question # 19 – In regard to the School Board meeting of 7-21-2020, a number of parents were not allowed in the meeting due to Phase 2 occupancy guidelines, would it not have been possible to dismiss the parents that had attended after the question and answer period and allow the parents that were waiting outside to address the board and superintendent with their questions?

Question # 20 – If a student needs additional help with schoolwork due to sickness, internet failure, missing in classroom instruction etc, will there be additional assistance available?

Question # 21 – What about students with special needs, such as speech therapy, services for children with disabilities, etc are the needed services available to them in the plan?

Question # 22 – If visitors/parents are not allowed in the buildings, what happens when a teacher is absent? Are substitutes going to be used? If so what is the guidelines for them as far as COVID screening?

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