Helga Kyson speaks to Kiwanis Club

Helga Kyson has been in the United States since 1960, when Doyle Kyson sent her a ticket to come to America. They met in Germany on the stairs at a dance. Dances were very common in Germany and girls in East and West Germany loved to go dancing. Mrs. Kyson was born in East Prussia by the Baltic Sea, but they had to leave home when Russia overthrew the East Prussian government and also took her dad. So, in 1948 at 12 years old, she went to East Germany. There she learned the German language. When she met Doyle Kyson, he could speak a little German.

They were not able to be married in East Germany, so Doyle sent her a ticket and she came here. They were married at Welcome Home Baptist Church and were married for 58 years. Life with Doyle was hard work, every day.

In 1964 she started work with Dr. Collier at the Winnfield General Hospital and worked there for 34 years. She was trained by Dr. Collier as a surgical nurse.

She had two brothers and two sisters and a mother that has passed away. She has nieces and nephews. They used to travel to Germany every year but got too old. She talks to her nieces and nephews a lot with the technology available now.

In 1982 she returned to East Germany for the first time since leaving for the States, and it was very bad. The economy wasn’t good and people had to stand in long lines just to get staples like bread. Now, however, life in Germany for its citizens is so much better. There are a lot of foreigners there.
She said the German people say that Russia is not going to win Ukraine.

As for America, she said that things going on today disturb her. There is too much separation or division to get anything done. The more handouts you give, the more people want.

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