Heart of Louisiana Humane Society Rescues 25 Animals From One Home

The Heart of Louisiana Humane Society (HLHS) rescued 25 animals from a home in Jonesboro after receiving multiple reports of a 93-year-old woman with a large number of animals in her small home.

When HLHS volunteers arrived they were told by the homeowner who had a total of 31 animals that she did not have a problem and did not wish to relinquish any of her animals. After the volunteers visited with the homeowner she agreed to relinquish 25 animals. According to HLHS President Caitlin Hemphill, “the elderly woman was on a very small income and was unable to feed herself and the dogs properly but she also loved the dogs very much and thought she was doing the best for them.”

HLHS is asking for donations to help with vet bills and food for the animals. Donations can be made at www.hlhumane.org (please put “Hoarder” in the memo.)

HLHS would like to point out that this situation could have been prevented had the owner had the two original dogs altered. Please have your pets spayed and neutered.

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