Heart of Louisiana Humane Society Rescues 2413 Animals Despite Global Pandemic

2020! What a year it was. The past year has been unlike any other year in our almost 13 years of rescuing. The global pandemic of Covid-19 slowed down our local adoptions. We were able to conduct our twice monthly adoption days at PetCo until March of last year. We were able to adopt out 146 dogs and 77 cats. Not as many as last year but we are still proud of the amount that found homes despite the new and difficult challenges we all faced.
Our TNR program altered 41 feral cats that were released back. Our Spay Neuter Assistance Program helped alter 630 owned pets. Thankfully we were still able to transport animals to different states. With a total of 34 transports saving a total of 1,519 animals.
We transported animals to the following facilities for adoption:
  • Pets Plus Natural – (Pennsylvania) 19 transports saving 651 dogs, 320 cats, and 3 guinea pigs.
  • Helen Woodward Animal Center- (California) 9 transports, 326 dogs, 14 cats.
  • Michigan Humane Society- (Michigan) 4 transports, 131 dogs
  • Atlanta Humane Society- (Georgia) 2 transports, 74 dogs
Last year showed us that we have a bunch of eager foster parents ready to step up to the plate and do what needs to be done to help facilitate rescuing abandoned, neglected animals. Without our amazing group of fosters we couldn’t have done it, we are blessed to have them!

We have some of the best vets offices we could ask for! Their hard work, passion, and kindness doesn’t go unnoticed. A big thanks to:

  • Odom Veterinary Hospital, LLC
  • Winnfield Animal Clinic
  • Magnolia Spay Neuter
  • Kees Park Animal Clinic
  • Natchitoches Animal Hospital
  • Jonesboro Animal Clinic
  • Montgomery Animal Hospital
  • Crossroads Animal Emergency Clinic
And last but certainly not least are our supporters. They are a big part in helping us rescue and vet these animals. It’s because of people like them that we are able to continue doing what we do. We are forever grateful that we have been shown so much love and support from you all!
Together in 2020 we saved 2413 pets.
Help us make 2021 a great year for saving lives!

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