Heading to the Capitol

The Louisiana Senate is getting back to work on Monday. District 31 Senator Louis Bernard told The Journal “The Legislature will finally go back to the Capitol and I’ll be there on Monday. Bernard said, “We will do the best we can to maintain social distancing and be safe.”

Will Sentel reported in the Baton Rouge Advocate this week that Senate President Page Cortez was calling them back despite heavy pushback from black lawmakers. Sentel quoted Cortez as saying “We have got to get back and start doing our business. We are essential to government operations. We are just as essential as grocery stores and the Home Depots and Lowe’s of the world.”

Senator Bernard said they will take up legislation considered essential, including passing a state budget. Bernard said, “We have to be done with the budget by June 30th or the (state) government will shut down. I am optimistic we will get a budget done.”

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