Great Gift Ideas for Bass Fishermen

By Steve Graf Owner/Co-host Hook’N Up & Track’N Down Show

For those of you looking for the right Christmas gift for the bass fisherman in your family, pay close attention as I’m going to give you some awesome ideas. As a kid, we all wanted the famous Red Rider BB Gun but of course there was always that one person who thought you would shoot your eye out. But when it comes to bass fishing gear, that should not figure into the thought process. Below are some of my favorite gift ideas that I think ALL serious bass fishermen will like.

1. A new set of scales- while there are many on the market today that range from $35.00 to $200.00. For the serious tournament angler who wants the best, get them the Cull-M-Rite scales. These scales are a mini computer that will store your weights and tell you what fish to cull once you’ve caught your sixth fish. While they are on the upper end of the price scale, I’ve had my Cull-M-Rite scales for at least 10 years and all I’ve had to do was change the battery. Mine came with a carrying case that will protect and keep your scales in top condition for many years. To order Cull-M-Rite scales go to

2. On the lower end of the price range KastKing Waterproof Floating Digital Fishing Scale is also a great choice at $32.99. This unit will actually float if dropped into the water. Light weight and durable and weights fish up to 50 lbs. This scale also includes a no-puncture lip gripper (for those of us who like to take good care of our fish) so you don’t have to puncture your fish to weight it. This scale can be found on

3. Another must have for all anglers is a set of rod covers from Stick Jacket. Nothing is harder on rods than taking them in and out of the rod locker. A lot of rod eyes are either torn off or damage during this process. Stick Jacket rod covers solve this problem and come in lengths of 6 1/2 ‘ up to 8 ½’. Helps eliminate rod tangles and makes rod storage much easier. A great investment! Price $8.99 per jacket from Tackle

4. If you’re looking for a great fishing reel, take a good hard look at the Diawa Tatula 150. A high-quality reel at an affordable price that will last an angler for years. Equipped with the patented Diawa T-Wing System for longer casts, comes in four model options and gear ratios but I recommend the 150HS with a 7:3:1 gear ratio as a great all-around reel. This reel is available on Amazon Prime for $149.95 (a great price)

5. Every fisherman loves a good pair of sunglasses and once again, there’s a wide price range when it comes to sunglasses. You can go the high end like Costa Del Mar (range from $135 to $250 a pair which I use strictly for fishing) but these are the best as they use real glass and offer glasses for all types of weather conditions. Or you can go with a much cheaper brand like the Strike King S11 (which I use as well) ($39.99 – $44.99). If you have a fisherman that loses glasses a lot, this might be your better option but understand there is a big difference in the optics on Costa Del Mar vs. the cheaper brands. Tackle carries both of these and many more.

6. Next, some of the most successful anglers are also the most organized anglers as well. Time is money on tournament day and the last thing an angler wants to do is search for whatever bait he needs. That’s why tackle organization is important. I use a DYMO 210D label maker ($24.99) that allows me to customize all my tackle boxes so I know exactly what I’m looking for on tournament day or when I’m storing them on the shelf. Great for shop or home use as well! Amazon carries this and many more DYMO units. Or you can order Bass Angler Magazine Tackle Labels from Tackle

7. One more item that I highly recommend that’s not just for anglers but really for anyone with a vehicle in your family. The cordless RYOBI 3 Speed Ratchet Wrench that comes in very handy when changing out a blown boat trailer or pickup tire. This tool is one of those that you don’t appreciate till you have to change a tire. WOW, what a difference it makes on the time it takes to change a tire and not to mention how much easier it is! And yes, it has plenty of torque to get the job done. It comes with an 18Volt Lithium battery that holds a charge for a long time. I do recharge mine after every use just to make sure its fully charged at all times.

I hope these ideas will help you this Christmas when it comes to getting your angler a great gift. Fishermen love gadgets and tools that will help make them better anglers. So, this Christmas, make the angler in your family happy, happy, happy with one of these or anything you think he will use. Fishing line is another thing an angler can never have too much of, but make sure you know what brand and size he likes before you buy as there are numerous options on fishing line and all lines are not created equal. If you want to hear more about these and other gift ideas over the coming weeks, tune into the Hook’N Up & Track’N Down Show every Wednesday live from 11:00 till 1:00 or our replay on Saturday mornings from 6:00 till 8:00 on AM 1130 The Tiger KWKH or our You Tube Channel. Till next time, don’t forget to set the hook!

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