Governor Signs HB-4, Extends LA Historic Tax Credit Program 4 More Years

The Louisiana Trust for Historic Preservation announced that Governor John Bel Edwards signed HB-4 (now Act No. 25) on July 14 to extend the Louisiana Historic Tax Credit Program for an additional four years. The new sunset date is December 31, 2025.

In order to qualify for the state historic tax credit program, buildings must be located in a Downtown Development District (DDD) or a LA Cultural District and be income-producing once they are rehabilitated.

If the historic commercial area of your town does not currently have this designation, share this with your municipal leaders and urge them to work on this designation. The 20% state historic tax credit can mean the difference between a historic building remaining vacant or becoming a economic driver for your area and local tax base.

The annual deadline for the LA Cultural District Program is August 1.

The Louisiana Cultural Districts Program was created by Act 298 of the 2007 Regular Session of the legislature. The primary goal of this initiative is to spark community revitalization based on cultural activity through tax incentives, technical assistance, and resources. For more information go online to INFORMATION

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