Governor Hopeful Landry Makes Winnfield Whistle-Stop

Atty. Gen. Jeff Landry tells his platform for his gubernatorial bid to a gathering at Winnfield’s Louisiana Political Museum when he came through town Oct. 6.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, in his bid for the governorship on the Oct. 14 ballot, made a stop through Winnfield on Oct. 6, speaking at the Louisiana Political Hall of Fame.

Traveling with his wife, Sharon, Landry was introduced at the museum reception by Rep. Jack McFarland who extolled the speaker as a needed change in state leadership.  Landry was billed as a champion of conservative values who vows to protect communities, expects more from our schools and end the state’s outmigration.

As he entered the museum hall, the candidate worked around the room already filled with constituents, shaking hands, chatting and posing for photo opportunities.  In brief comments, he said his administration would deliver on promises that so many before him had promised but failed to keep.  Included is a focus on crime that would emphasize citizen rights over criminal rights, support the law enforcement officers and stand for truth and transparency to win back control of our streets.

In the area of education, he believes students ought to learn how to think rather than being taught what to think.  Teachers deserve respect.  As to business and industry, he supports those areas…agriculture, timber, chemical, industries…that have built this state.  “These are all things God has blessed us with.”

He claimed that “all it takes is leadership.  We’re going to have a state that is as good as the people of this state.”