Goldonna Spider-Man Surprises Son at School

Not many people can say that they have walked the halls of an elementary school and were met with a multitude of hugs, high fives and people calling you a superhero.

One Goldonna father learned all too quickly that with great power comes great responsibility.

Jordan Bedgood was recently consulting his sister about a Valentine gift for his son. He was bragging that he found the perfect Spider Man card to accompany his gift. Big sisters do what they do best, she reminded him that her son owned a Spider Man suit that would go perfectly with his gift. Even more perfect would be a surprise visit at Goldonna Elementary Junior High School so all the of kids could be entertained by this Avenger.

Bedgood did not have to think twice about it, he suited up and headed to school….with a mask, of course.

It was hard to be discreet once he arrived on campus. He was immediately met with much love and admiration, as only Spiderman would. Once he entered his son, Siegen’s, classroom, he was all grins and he could not contain his excitement.

After a few moments of working the room with his spidey-sense, Bedgood, removed his mask so Siegen could see that it was dear old dad. He was tickled but wanted the details of how his dad pulled this off. After this visit he used his spider-webs to swing to the other classrooms to wish all of the students a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Some say that super-heroes always wear capes and leap from tall buildings but on this day he was a dad in a pickup truck wanting to show love to his son on Valentine’s Day.

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