Goldonna News – Alderman Spotlight: Reed Franklin

If you ever wonder who keeps the Village of Goldonna running so smoothly you should probably know that they are comprised of a Mayor and a Board of Alderman. This week I want to introduce you to Alderman, Reed Franklin.

Reed FranklinMr. Franklin was raised in Goldonna by two parents who were educators. Mr. WH Franklin was an Agriculture teacher and Mrs. Esther Franklin was a third grade teacher. He followed in his father’s footsteps and majored in “Vocational Agricultural Education” at Louisiana Tech. Once he graduated he went to work for the USDA in several capacities all over the state. That was until the USDA out of Washington, DC began calling his name.

Mr. Franklin spent many years in DC and eventually moved back to his roots in Goldonna and was very excited to become part of the community again. He was originally appointed as Alderman replacing Rodney Bedgood when he took the Chief of Police position. It was all she wrote after that. Mr. Franklin ran for the position and has not been unseated since.

When I asked what was his favorite memory of growing up in Goldonna he quickly recalled the peaceful days of swimming at the Salt Works. If you are not familiar with the area I can attest to the fact that you may or may not see a gator on your visit. You would have also seen the most inviting rope swings that offered hours and hours of entertainment.

I was also very curious to know if money and resources were not an issue, what would his ultimate dream be for the community. Without hesitation he replied, “High Speed Internet, real high speed, not DSL or any other knock off, the speediest internet. Also, a Cell phone tower.”

That is two tall orders for Goldonna, but the internet is on the horizon with the investment being made by the Natchitoches Parish School Board. To say the community is eager would be a mere understatement. There is no doubt Mr. Franklin loves his job as Alderman and he loves seeing the progress that has been made over the year. The Goldonna Mayor agrees.

“Alderman Reed Franklin has been a member of the Goldonna town council for many years. He is able to bring his experiences from years past to the newer members of the board. We are striving to closer as a team to better serve the community. It is exciting to be a part of the different progresses that has been taking place in Goldonna,” shared Mayor Jennifer Smith.

Being a Public Servant can often be a thankless job but the community of Goldonna appreciates their representation and recognize that hard work benefits all of the residents.

Free Wednesday night suppers are still happening at Goldonna Baptist Church. The Kingdon Community meals start at 5:30 and end at 6:30. This week’s meal includes: jambalaya, corn, garlic bread, dessert and a drink. I do believe God must be multiplying the Tony Chachere Company’s donation. They have not run out yet!

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