Goldonna News

The Village Goldonna sales tax began collections in July of 2021 and the revenue has finally began to trickle in. The Village is coordinating with the Parish Government, who is supplying labor and equipment, while we they are purchasing the materials. Pending on agreeable weather, the following roads will be grated in preparation for the delivery of the material. Work is scheduled to begin later this week and into the first week of the new year.

Killingsworth Road
Godwin Road
Savell Road,
Maines Loop,
Gates Road

Goldonna council approves a resolution this month that would offer water customers a chance to obtain water leak coverage. The village chose the $2.35 monthly rate option, which would cover a max amount of $2,500 water cost. This coverage would cover cost incurred through a water leak only. Goldonna Water is contracting with ServLine to provide this option to the water customers who elect to take out this coverage. This is available to residential and commercial customers.

ServLine also provides a sewer option for those customers who would like to contract them directly to make inquiries in reference the company to cover sewer damage.

The turnaround time for implementation is about 3 months, therefore we are looking at a potential date of April 2022 to have this available.

Ordinance update:
Mr. Keith Gates was the Village attorney prior to being elected to judge in Winn Parish. The council sought out other attorneys for the position and selected one an Attorney from Ruston. Due to increased work load at the firm, she has resigned as Village Attorney. The council is once again seeking legal representation for the village and will proceed with revisions to the proposed ordinances once this matter is settled.

Goldonna Assembly of God will have a special night of singing on Sunday evening, January 9th at 5pm – Special guest Johnathan Bond will be visiting with the church.

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